WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – What is Anchor Text?

The next WordPress article from our SEO team in Perth discusses on a seemingly simple, but important SEO factor – the Anchor Text.

What is it?

A word or short string of words that are clickable in a hyperlink. It is usually underlined and displayed in a different colour than the surrounding text. Example – if you need to link to this article from another page, you can use the anchor text What is Anchor Text. It is clear, short and gives the reader an exact description of what they can expect by clicking on this link.

What is Anchor Text- WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes - Codesquad

Different types

Both internal and external links need relevant anchor text, and it is important to understand the different types to avoid being penalized by search engines.

Branded – Brand name as an anchor, like Codesquad. Branded anchors run a risk of being penalized if they match a search query exactly. So, you need to be careful with these.

Naked link – Just a URL without a text. E.g., https://codesquad.cloud/.

Site name – E.g. codesquad.cloud

Exact match keywords – Focus keyword or keyphrase

Partial match or LSI keywords – Variations or synonyms of focus keyword. E.g., if keyphrase is ‘ecommerce platforms’, anchor text can be ‘top 3 ecommerce platforms’ or ‘top 3 platforms for ecommerce.’

Brand Name + Keyword – Anchor with the brand name and keyword. E.g., Brand name is ‘Codesquad’, and the keyword is ‘hosting package’ – Anchor text can be Best Hosting Packages from Codesquad.

Article title – Exactly matches the post title, like the example we mentioned in the definition

Generic links – Mostly call-to-action phrase like ‘Click here’, ‘Learn more’ and ‘this post’. Avoid these as they are vague and don’t tell people what a link is about and fail to utilize a link’s SEO value.

Image Alt Tag – When an image is linked, search engines will use the Image Alt Text as the anchor text.

What makes a good one?

You can’t control the anchor text for inbound links – other sites linking to your site. Ensure that your internal links follow good anchor text practices to utilize link building SEO.

Brief and clear

There is no right length for anchor text, but keep it as brief as possible while being clear. The word or phrase should generate interest as well as tell the reader clearly what the linked-to page is about.

Link relevancy

To send strong relevancy signals, links should point to content related to the topic of the source page. Your anchor text should be as descriptive of the target page as possible and contain relevant keywords or phrases to send strong relevancy signals. You’ll be penalized for linking to irrelevant target pages.

Keyword density and variation

Internal links are a good SEO practice but ensure that you don’t stuff keywords into the anchor text. Too many links with the same anchor text, even on your own site, will send a signal to Google for spammy behaviour. It is a good idea to keep the them natural by using different type as types explained above. This may help in getting better SEO results.

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