WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – Difference between Keyword and Keyphrase

Your web development agency keeps stressing that keyword and keyphrase are essential for your site optimisation. You know both keyword and keyphrase are focus words, but what is the difference, and when should you use them? The next article from our SEO agency in Perth will help you unlock and find the answers.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a specific word that best defines the content of your blog post or page. It is the search term that you would want your page to rank for. To put it simply, when someone searches for these words on search engines, they should find your page or post.

For example, let’s say you are a web development and branding agency, and you’ve written a blog about branding on your site. The keyword will be “branding” for your post or page.

What is a Keyphrase?

Keyphrase is the phrase that best defines the content of your blog post or page and that you would want your page or post to rank for.

From the same example as above, let’s say your web development and branding agency is in Perth, and you have written a post about developing websites for businesses in Perth. Your keyphrase should be something on the lines of “web development for Perth businesses” or “web development agency in Perth”. These phrases describe the content of your post better than, say, “web development”.

Difference between Keyword and Keyphrase - Codesquad

So, what’s the difference?

The difference between them is as simple as you guessed. Keyword and keyphrase both define your page or post best and can be used to rank in search engines. The only difference is keyword is a single word while keyphrases have more than one word.

If you are serious about SEO, you have probably heard about long tail keywords. So, what is the difference between keyphrase and long tail keywords? Long tail keywords can be a keyword or keyphrase but are very specific. They generally tend to be particular phrases than a word. Taking the same example as above, “web development for healthcare business in Perth” can be considered as long tail keyword as it is very specific.

Why are keywords and keyphrases important?

Both keywords and keyphrases help you to lead organic traffic to your websites and also increase your brands ranking. Optimizing your content based on the words and phrases that your target consumer use to search for similar services can get your site ranking higher for those terms. You must also ensure that your content is optimized for search intent. This will get you more visitors; more visitors mean more opportunities for conversion.

You may want to note that it is difficult to rank for a keyword since a large number of sites will be trying to rank for it. A keyphrase, by contrast, will be easier to rank. There will be fewer people searching for a particular phrase, but there will also be fewer sites trying to rank for it.
Keyword research is essential to determine the most suitable keywords or keyphrases. They are chosen based on the rating on a combination of commercial intent, volume, and competition. Choosing the right words is crucial. Our SEO experts can help you with that. To know more contact us today or email at hello@codesquad.cloud

Jargon Buster

Organic traffic –Visitors reaching your site from a search engine result and not a paid ad.
Keyword research – A process used by professionals to find and analyse search terms.