WordPress 5.5 – What’s New

WordPress 5.5 is a major and second release this year. Like always, this release is also loaded with new features and upgrades. The new WP 5.5 comes with an enhanced Block editor, inline image editing, auto-updated plugins and much more. Let’s unwrap the new pack of WordPress in this article.

It is advisable to take a backup before you start updating the new version. If you are not on a managed WordPress hosting, you will need to initiate the update manually.

Enhanced Block editor

The block editor update has enhanced features that increase the efficiency of the block editor. The main highlights of the block editor are as follows:

Block directory

The new integrated block directory is built into the block editor. You can find automatic suggestions for blocks you want to add, that are not already on your site. You do not need to leave the editor to find or install a new block.

Block patterns

With the new block patterns, you can add frequently used blocks with pre-constructed settings. It makes the process of page layout creation quicker and easier and more consistent. You can expect more patterns as WP themes and plugins come up with their own patterns.

Improved User interface

The first thing you’ll notice is perhaps the visual enhancement to the block editor. The borders and highlights, and ‘add new block’ look clearer and more user friendly.

Advanced block navigation

This version comes with an improved block navigation feature which makes it easier to select a parent block or a nested element while inside a block. Now you also can freely move blogs by grabbing the handle then drag and drop it according to your need.

Auto-update feature for plugins and themes

Security had been a concern with WordPress. WP 5.5 gives a huge boost to security by introducing automated updates for plugins and themes. You can easily enable auto-update for any WordPress plugins and themes that you have installed on your site from the respective pages.

WordPress 5.5 – What’s New - Features - Codesquad

Now you don’t need to use a third-party to ensure that your website is running on the latest code.

Inline- image edit

You can edit images from the image block itself and don’t require to open it in the media library. Inline image editing allows you to rotate, crop, adjust heights, image positions, and zoom by staying inside the block.

WordPress 5.5 – What’s New - Features - Codesquad

Lazy-loaded images

Now the websites will load much faster, thanks to the lazy loading enabled by default. So now, images will load only when it is just about to scroll in to view. On mobile, it can prevent browsers from loading images meant for other devices. This feature improves website speed and performance. This also means a lot of saving in mobile data, server resources and bandwidth.

XML sitemaps generated by default

WordPress 5.5 version comes with the feature to generate XML sitemaps by default. Sitemaps are a crucial part of WordPress SEO; this makes this improvement a highlight, especially for WP beginners. However, these sitemaps are still limited in features and functionality.

If you are already using a sitemaps plugin or SEO plugin, the new default sitemap will be automatically disabled.

For the Developers

• WP 5.5 lets a site’s environment type be defined in a standardised way. So, now you can retrieve and execute the appropriate code.
• Addition of block type endpoints to retrieve definitions for blocks that are registered.
• 39 new Dashicons added to the 26 block editor icons.
• PHPMailer library updated from 5.2.27 to 6.1.6
• The new $args argument in template loading functions means you can pass data to template files.

These are the main highlight of the latest version of WordPress Version 5.5. There are a boxful of additions and improvements for users and developers in WP 5.5. Our experienced web designers in Perth are always ready to assist you to know more. Contact us or email at hello@codesquad.cloud today.

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