Why Can’t I be Found on Google?

Think of a term that defines your core business.
Now search for it in Google. Are you on page one?
If you aren’t on page one, you may have a problem

Think about this – most people will only use businesses they find on page one of a search engine.
If you are not on page one then your most valuable marketing tool is missing in action. Read on.

Page One performance is the key to business success

Let’s face it, people are lazy! There I said it.

The average person has a product or service in mind and they look for it on their favourite search engine. Their most likely action is to click a few sites they find on page one – this could be made up of promoted pages (achieved through Google Ads) or through pages that through SEO have successfully positioned themselves on page one.

Now, there are legitimate reasons your website is not appearing on page one and we wrote an article about it called Why isn’t My Site Visible in Google? We recommend you have a read of this article because it is possible you can mark off a reason or two without  any help.

If you want a second opinion, Codesquad Cloud offers a service that is dedicated to diagnosing and fixing sites that can’t be found via Google.

Think about this – there are only 12 to 15 positions available on any search results page. Some people pay to get there so to compete with them, you have to do the same. This is where Google Ads or Microsoft Ads come in.

If you aren’t paying to appear on page one, then the only other way you are going to make it onto page one is through Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a science or art, depending on who you talk to, that helps you position your website in such a way that it is rated highly enough to appear on page one.

Sounds simple, but it isn’t – web ads can be a significant money pit and if SEO is not done correctly, you can be languishing many pages away from page one forever. It is literally the difference between having a successful business or not.

Google Ads – Page One at the speed of light

If you want to get onto page one, then there are no faster means than paying for it! There I said it.

Google Ads are fast at listing businesses on page one  

You could be tempted to “give it a go” yourself and try to roll your own Google Ads or Microsoft Ads campaign but be careful. It can quickly be a sinkhole for draining your advertising budget.

We create Cost-effective Ad Campaigns  

Many agencies charge up to 50% on top of your Ad spend, along with a premium to manage the campaign. We charge a one-off fee to configure the ad and a flat 10% premium on your ad.

Minimum budget  

We recommend that the minimum spend is $50 per day ranging up to $100 for the average small to medium-sized business. Does that sound like a lot? How much would you pay to onboard a lifelong client who remains loyal to your business for years? We have tracked clients in our own business who have spent more than a million dollars for the price of a click!

SEO – the smart way to maximise your ROI

While it is true that paid advertising is fast – you can have clicks to your site in a matter of hours, but SEO is a click that is never spent. How so? Consider this – you may pay a few dollars or more for a paid click but once it is spent it is gone forever. However, with SEO, an investment in a search engine compliant page can deliver clicks for many years.

There is no reason for your business website to languish in oblivion and there is never a better time to start than now.

Codesquad Cloud help businesses get found. We help develop a comprehensive strategy for success.

Codesquad is a member of The Computing Australia Group of Companies

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