Why a Small Business Needs a Good Looking Website?

Get online! This is the message you see whichever way you turn. But does a small business really need a website? YES! And not just a website, small businesses need a good looking and well-performing website. They need it more than the big players. Why?

Because, in this digital era, where everything and everyone is available online, having a regular website won’t be good enough. Because most of the consumers visit your site before making the purchase. Because most of the customers that visit your site, have already made a decision to buy and are looking for the best deals. This fact increases the importance of making sure the appearance, accessibility and usability of your website are top-notch, especially in a  market.

Your business isn’t performing to its fullest of capabilities if you don’t have a professional-looking website. As a well-established SEO and branding agency in Perth, we have years of experience delivering awesome websites to small businesses that make their customers go wow!

Reasons why you should get your business an excellent looking website

Websites are a necessity now. You should make sure that they are enticing and customer friendly as much as your physical store is. If your site isn’t attractive, it could end up degrading your brand image.

  • The digital face of your business

“You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Your website is the face of your business in the online world. So, you must make sure that your visitors are pleased with what they see.
You train your employees to have a friendly face while welcoming customers to your physical location so that they can feel comfortable. An updated and modern website is equivalent to a friendly face greeting your online visitors.

  • Organic traffic

Proper implementation of SEO strategies increases organic traffic to your site. These days both large and small scale businesses are focusing on their ranking in SERPs. Because this way they can reach out to more audience and also can make many potential leads which they can’t gain from traditional means of marketing. And a good looking site ensures that this organic traffic stays on your site and keep coming back.

  • Building trust and authority

Having a professional-looking website can help your businesses to have more flexibility, control, branding, and credibility. Customers believe a company with a website is more credible. Your audience can validate you by the posts, reviews and testimonials displayed on your site. It increases their trust in your products, and you are seen as an authority in your segment.

  • Global business

A website gives you the opportunity to expand your business globally. The global audience can’t visit your business location, so their decision to purchase depends mostly on what they see on your website. With a professional and user-friendly website, you can provide products and services to the international market. It is an excellent opportunity for you to grow your business to a new level.

  • Better customer support service

You can improve how you help your audience. Websites with engaging and robust customer support help you keep your consumers satisfied and happy. A good website design makes it easy to offer a quick response to the queries and access to products whenever the consumers need it. This helps in boosting sales and polishes your brand image.

  • Showcase your products and services

Visitors can know what makes you unique and stand out from your competitors. Displaying photographs and posting information about your products on your site let the customers understand what they’ll get when they work with you. You can also give them a sense of what it feels like to enter your physical location. Displaying your most popular products or services prominently and aesthetically improves your conversion rates visitors.

  • Get into the Big League

With an efficient, good looking website and the right strategy behind it, you can compete with the big players in your business segment. They may have more resources and larger budgets, but customers are looking for personalised services. Big companies are seldom able to give personalised attention to all  customers.
You can tap into this customer base with a website designed for your ideal customers. Once visitors see you can provide what they want, it doesn’t matter to them if you are a small player.

  • Social media shares

You can share your website content through social media platforms. These can bring in potential customers who are interested to know more about your products.
An attractive and credible website will encourage customers to share your products and services. This helps you attract new relevant leads as well as grow your public image.

  • Inexpensive advertising

Having a website means low-cost advertising. You can easily let your clients find about your special offers by just posting it on your site and using the right marketing campaign. You can save the money you spend on traditional means of marketing. The online marketing campaigns are affordable, even for small scale businesses. A good looking website is a long-term advertising investment. You pay for the initial development and then let your website do the talking, instead of paying for regular advertisements in traditional marketing channels.

  • Get to know your audience

It’s easy to get to know your audience if you have a good website. You can have surveys and make forums to know more about the trends related to your products. If visitors are pleased with your site, they are more likely to participate in the surveys and forums. This way, you can mould your business accordingly to retain existing and target new audiences. It’s a more accessible and time-saving means of strategy.

  • The Core of Your Marketing

Website is the core of your marketing, so all the useful information to your clients should be displayed there. The first place where you announce your events and programs should be your page. Your website should be designed to convert visitors into clients. You can attract your targeted customer base easy and quick in this way than any other marketing methods.

  • It’s a competitive world

If you want your business to flourish, then you need to get online with an epic website. If you are careless with your website, visitors will see you as being an irresponsible company. It means you are giving away your potential customers. The competition can be quite fierce, and you need to be on top of your game on all aspects of your business, including websites.

Your website should mirror your brand and its values. Your posts and pages on the site should bring your brand closer to your potential clients. You may find a lot of pre-built website themes online. But then a lot of others will be using it too. If you want to make your website truly unique, you should get one designed for you exclusively, that can help you achieve your goals. And that is what we have been doing for small businesses for years. To know more contact us today or email at hello@codesquad.cloud

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SEOSearch Engine Optimisation – factors that influence how well you rank in searches.
SERPsSearch Engine Result Pages – the pages where the results of an online search are displayed.