WordPress 5.4 – what you need to know

As a leading web development agency in Perth, we are here to help you know more about WordPress 5.4. The WP 5.4 has many new features and improvements to the block editor and promises reduction in loading time and time to type for posts. As with every major release, 5.4 adds more to the block editor to make post and pages engaging and working on blocks faster. WordPress 5.4 focuses on improving the content editor. Here’s a quick roundup on what to expect in 5.4.

New Blocks

Social Icons Block – allows you to add social media icons to link to your profiles.
Buttons Block – Allows you to add multiple buttons side by side.

WordPress 5.4 – Improvements and Enhancements

Fullscreen Mode Enabled by Default

Block editor is enabled in Fullscreen mode by default for new installations, or while accessing admin from a new device, browser or incognito mode. To exit the mode, uncheck the ‘Fullscreen mode’ option in the Editor’s setting

WordPress 5.4 - Quick Roundup on What to Expect in 5.4

Enhanced Colour-Related Features

  • Gradient background support for column, cover and buttons block.
  • Text colour enhancements for group, column and cover blocks.
  • Inline text colour support within a paragraph block
WordPress 5.4 - Quick Roundup on What to Expect in 5.4

Improvement to Privacy Tools

  • Personal data exports include users’ session information, users’ location data and a table of contents.
  • View progress while export and erasure requests are in process.
  • Cleaner look with enhancements.
WordPress 5.4 - Quick Roundup on What to Expect in 5.4

WordPress 5.4 – Other Features at a Glance

  • Drag and Drop to Featured Image – No more manual selection, just drag and drop an image to the featured image section.
  • Streamlined process for placing and replacing multimedia in every block.
  • Block Selection Tool – Easily select blocks with the help of a new button in the toolbar.
  • Better tabbing and focus with keyboard navigation including tabbing over to the sidebar of nearly any block.
  • Clearer navigation – Know easily whether you are in Navigation or Edit mode.
  • Fixed toolbar for mobile – Use block editor easily on mobile devices with a fixed toolbar on the top.
  • Image size can be directly selected in the gallery block settings.
  • Improved Latest Posts Blog – Featured images included in the Latest Posts block, which also allows you to choose size and alignment for the featured image.
  • Embed TikTok Videos – You can now embed TikTok videos in your WordPress posts just like Youtube videos.
  • Media and Text Blocks contains links to images.
  • Welcome guide on updating to 5.4. for basic information on block editor and a link to online documentation.

WordPress 5.4 for the Developers

  • Add keyboard shortcuts to the block editor.
  • New hooks to add custom fields to navigation menu items.
  • Deprecation of some of the unused customizer classes.
  • New apply_shortcodes() function in place of do_shortcode() function
  • And a whole lot more for simpler styling to style the blocks the way you want them to.
WordPress 5.4 - Quick Roundup on What to Expect in 5.4

We hope you found this quick guide to what’s new in WordPress 5.4 useful. Our experienced web designers in Perth are always ready to assist you with anything regarding WP 5.4 or WordPress. Contact us today.

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