What is The Role of Social Media in Ecommerce?

Social media has evolved from just being a platform for connecting people to becoming a crucial part of every eCommerce business. Earlier a business’s presence was signified by a physical shop and advertisements in traditional media. But in this digital era, business reputations are assessed by their social media standing. How does social media help your e-commerce business? Let the e-commerce experts from Perth help you understand all about the role of social media in e-commerce and why it is a necessity.

Why is Social Media important for e-commerce?

Rapid Growth of Social Media

Social media has rapidly grown over time with more and more people opting it to make purchases. Many businesses are already using this platform to reach out to more targets and have more conversions. Social media has proven to be a worthwhile inclusion in online marketing campaigns, making it essential for businesses.

Influence on Purchase Decisions

The information shared on social media platforms has a huge impact on the choices and decisions your audience make while selecting your products and services. It also provides innovative features such as ‘like’ and ‘comment’ options which facilitate simple and active conversations. Consumers around the world use the accessible platforms of social media to learn about products of their choice.

Social shares help you reach more customers

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have ‘Share’ buttons which allow your customers to share your product and services. Promotional activities get shared quickly on social media platforms – it is an effective way to increase traffic and conversions for your site. Most social media users are likely to purchase products or services that are highly shared.

Social Platforms help you understand customers better

Analysing customer behaviour on social media helps you understand their purchasing behaviour. What are their preferences? What do they share or like or comment on most? Who do they follow? You can use various analytical tools to study customer behaviour. This helps in creating effective marketing campaigns.

Respond promptly to customer queries

Social media allows you to respond promptly to customer queries. This makes customers feel valued and increases your brand value. Customers trust brands that respond promptly to queries and comments. How you respond to negative comments also plays a major role in improving your brand value.

Active Social Media

An active social media presence that engages with customers and share posts regularly show you are quite interested in your customer base. Keeping track of your social media activity is essential because most users rely on social media platforms to research products or services. This gathered information plays a major role in their purchasing decisions.

Cost-effective marketing

Social media also gives you the advantage of a cost-effective marketing channel. The content that you share on your social media accounts should reflect your brand’s authenticity and positive aspects. If customers find your message interesting or appealing, they will share it on their accounts. You are reaching a large customer base at practically no-cost as compared to traditional advertising media.

Popular Social Media Platforms for Marketing

Facebook: The ideal social media platform for building brand awareness and engaging with customers.

Twitter: Suitable for encouraging interaction with consumers, and easy to share valuable content with the hashtag feature.

LinkedIn: Excellent platform for connecting with professionals from similar industries and provides a place to share content with like-minded individuals.

YouTube: A great platform for businesses who want to utilise videos to promote their brands and increase their visibility.

Pinterest: A platform ideal for offering merchandise exclusively and showcase products in advance.

Social media can help your e-commerce business in multiple ways. It is an effective means for reaching out to your target audience, increase traffic and conversion, and to improve your brand visibility. Is your e-commerce business ready for an amazing social media marketing strategy? Contact us or email at hello@codesquad.cloud.

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Jargon Buster

E-commerceElectronic commerce refers to the buying or selling of products online and the transactions of money and data involved in the execution of these trades.

Social Media – Computer-based technology that allows sharing of information through virtual networks and communities.

Share button – A user interface icon to forward content on social media platforms.