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All website are not equal

New clients often express frustration that they have spent a considerable amount of money on a new website, only to find that they are still not getting any new business. Their new sites look great but “look under the hood” and you will often find that there has been little to no thought put into important factors that influence visibility like Search Engine Optimisation.

Google and Bing don’t rank your business based on how slick your website looks. Reflect on this and let it percolate a little because many people go about getting a web presence the wrong way round.

A beautiful website that is configure incorrectly or assigns no real value to SEO will in all likelihood cause longer term damage to your business. If you already have established marketing methods that don’t rely on an effective website then a simple online site will do.

However, if you depend on your website to generate new business then you need to ask some tough questions of any developer before you sign off on a cheap website quote. There is literally no barrier to anybody deciding to become a web designer / developer but there are very few who actually know what they are doing.

Long after the savings you make on a cheap website, you will be paying the price in lost business.

The Codesquad Difference

What do we do that is so different from any other web development company? Good question and one worth asking of anybody you are trusting your business to.

Our goal is to really understand your business from top to bottom. It does you a great disservice if we simply present you with a nice new look and don’t think about what value we can bring to your business. It is correct that your website should present your company goods and services in the best possible light.

However, it should also add something to your business. A website is the single most effective marketing tool you have and it needs to stand out against the hundreds and possibly thousands of other competitors out there.

What makes Codesquad different is that we talk to you (not at you) and we learn about your business. Our proposal will be tailored to your business needs and will make a difference to you. Our consultant will explain the proposal in detail – we don’t hide behind technicalities. We see the client as an equal partner in the web development cycle.

For a fresh look at web development – talk to the Codesquad team.

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At Codesquad, we bring YOUR business back to life. Throw us a challenge and let us surprise you with the result.

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