Web Development Trends to Look Out for in 2021

The web is an incredibly dynamic space. New technologies pop-up frequently. It can be a challenge to keep ahead of all the developments in such a fast-paced area. Our web development experts list out the most important and popular web development trends for 2021.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is a web app that uses web browser APIs to offer a native app-like user experience. PWAs are built on web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript but with functionalities similar to native apps – push notifications, offline access, speed and much more. A PWA can be built much faster than a native app. Once installed on a browser, they function just like a mobile app.

Many users never realise the ‘apps’ they are using are actually PWA. Twitter and Pinterest are two most commonly used PWAs. Mobiles have become the preferred device to go online. With that, users now spend more time on mobile apps than on browsers. PWAs are arguably one of the most impactful of web trends to watch out for in 2021.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages technology makes websites load faster on mobile devices. This is done by stripping the webpages to the basics. AMP technology has improved a lot since it started as an open-source initiative for speedy mobile pages. With improved analytics, user tracking and flexible ad-support AMP is undoubtedly a trend to watch out for.

AMP pages load faster by about four times than non-AMP pages. They increase on-site time, increase website visibility and improve SERP rankings.

Application Programming Interface (API) Development

With API-first development, you develop the API design before the rest of the application. In a traditional application development process, the API is inserted at the end, which increases the development expenses and to-market times.

APIs are reusable; once it is built, the front-end and back-end teams can work simultaneously on their application development process areas. They just need to connect to the same API; they don’t need to wait to build on each other. This saves time and speeds up entry into the market, which is a substantial financial gain.

APIs also help create more flexible and innovative products and improve user experience by making it easier to add new functionalities and connect to third-party apps.

Increased spend on cybersecurity

2020 saw an exponential increase in online activity, as the world used the web to work, shop and do business. It also saw an increase in cyber threats. Small businesses are especially hit hard, as they find it difficult to survive a cyberattack. Businesses can be expected to treat cybersecurity at par with other business functions, as it becomes a C-suite discussion.

Chatbots powered by AI

Though chatbots have been around for some time, AI-backed chatbots will make customer service more efficient. This is especially true for businesses that work different time zones and geographies.

The ability to answer customer queries fast is an important factor for customer engagement. Chatbots that work on AI and machine learning can respond instantly and do a host of various functions instead of waiting for human executives.

Voice Search Optimisation

Voice search has already made quick inroads into searching on the web. It is set to rise in a great way as users look to search without using a screen. The popularity of voice search can be measured with the number of rising smart speakers.

Early adoption of this trend will certainly give your SEO efforts a boost. Making voice search optimisation a part of your SEO will help you adapt to the related ranking factors bound to come sooner or later.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have been a strong mobile functionality and marketing strategy. Website push notifications work similarly, they send notifications to browsers. They can also be accessed on all devices whether desktop or mobile.

Mobile apps can be quite expensive, especially for small and medium businesses. Cost is one of the reasons PWAs are a popular trend. They provide app like functionalities including push notifications at a much lesser cost. Web push notifications are an effective and instant communication channel for websites, and especially for e-commerce sites.

Motion UI

As user interface gets more attention, Motion UI is the next trend that will see a huge adoption rate. It is the use of visual cues and animation to make user interaction more intuitive. Motion UI works with most JavaScript frameworks. When used with CSS animations, they can create eye-catchy CTAs, error messages and more. Motion UI is an engaging way to direct the user to the areas that need more attention.

Mobile-first websites

Mobile-first websites can be considered as a misfit on the list. With Google going mobile-first indexing, they are more of a ‘necessity’ than a trend. Your ranking on SERPs will depend on whether and how well your website is optimised for mobile devices. Learn more about mobile-first websites here.

These are the most popular web development trends for 2021. The web is an ever-changing space and trends can develop in a short time. It can get overwhelming at times to keep ahead of all the developments. Need a website that is built and optimised with the latest developments? Contact us or email us at hello@codesquad.cloud. Our web development experts will create a bespoke and latest-tech site for you, while you do what you do best-run your business.

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Jargon Buster

JavaScript – A programming language used to create and control complex and dynamic website content.
HTMLHyperText Markup Language is a standard markup language for creating web pages.
CSSCascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language that describes the presentation of HTML elements.