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We analyse how your staff work, along with the systems and processes that underpin your business.
We then leverage technology to deliver real cost savings and streamline your operations.

Custom vs Off the Shelf Software

It is a big decision for a business to go down the path of a bespoke / custom development. Both time and money is involved in any business decision and you need to consider issues like staff training.

We don’t believe that bespoke software is a natural path for every business owner to follow. Sometimes an off the shelf product will do. If a company can fit into a standard software package, even by 90%, we will usually recommend that they do this.

The Codesquad consulting team can provide a detailed needs analysis – we undertake a review of your needs, source the market and make an informed recommendation.

A good web application can add value to your business and increase your strategic advantage over competitors in the same field

If the recommendation is to go down the custom coding path, we will present you with a timeline and a definitive quote.

To learn more about the decision between bespoke and off the shelf software, read our blog article.

Rapid Application Development

The Codesquad development team follow the principles of Rapid Application Development (RAD). The RAD approach to software development streamlines the development cycle to reduce the time it takes to transition from idea through to delivery.

The traditional methods of development usually involves a lengthy and exhaustive process of  planning and specification prior to undertaking any coding. In practice the old way is sensible when you are sending a man to the moon but not for businesses who need the functionality of a new software package quickly.

Codesquad program in the Ruby on Rails platform which is an incredibly flexibly platform to work with and delivers web applications in record time. With the penetration of fast internet and the reliability of cloud infrastructure, Web Apps are coming into their own. Web Apps are essentially applications that run in a web browser as opposed to Android or iOS for example.

In many instances, the Codesquad team can take you from an idea into a functioning product within a matter of weeks.

At Codesquad, we turn your business needs into smart web applications.

Codesquad is a member of The Computing Australia Group of Companies

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