How does Social Media Help your E-commerce Business?

What is The Role of Social Media in Ecommerce?

Social media has evolved from just being a platform for connecting people to becoming a crucial part of every eCommerce business.Earlier a business’s presence was signified by a physical shop and advertisements in traditional media. But in this digital era, business reputations are assessed by their social media standing.

What are the benefits of Facebook for business - Codesquad

Facebook means Business

Facebook is one of the most popular social network platforms. It allows users to connect and share thoughts, ideas, and information online. It is the most used social media platform by businesses. Facebook has always focused on building their platform favourable for the growth of the business world. Before going to what are the benefits of Facebook for business, let’s consider these recent statistics* on Facebook.

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media

We live in a world in which “traditional” means of marketing are difficult. The alternative path is the massively growing social networking medium. So, what is social media and why do businesses need it?

Why social media essential for small businesses - Codesquad

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Advertising is a major overhead for most businesses. In this age of shrinking attention spans, you need continuous engagement with customers to achieve customer loyalty. This can be difficult for small businesses, with their limited marketing budgets. This is where social media turns into an effective marketing channel for small businesses.

7 Reasons Why Small Caps should Go Digital – Codesquad

7 Reasons Why Small Caps should Go Digital

In this article we will discuss Why Small Caps should Go Digital? Many small-cap companies feel that a website and a social media presence is either irrelevant, time-consuming or too expensive for them, so they give it a miss. But that’s no longer true and can be counterproductive. Australians spend a lot of time on social media and the trend is only rising.