How to Speed Up My Mobile Website - Codesquad

How to Speed Up Your Mobile Website

Website loading speed is no longer a desirable factor. It is a necessary factor. Loading performance is all the more crucial on a mobile device. Mobile users have lesser patience than desktop users when it comes to site loading. Our web development experts from Perth list out tips on how to speed up your mobile website.

How to Implement Mobile-first Design | Codesquad

Key Steps to Implementing Mobile-first Website Design

Google is just a few months away from implementing mobile-first indexing for all websites. So, if your site has not made the switchover yet, it is time to tighten up your seat belts. Our web development experts help you with some steps on how to implement mobile-first design for your website.

How to Make Effective CTAs for Mobile-first - Codesquad

Tips for Effective CTAs on Mobile-first Sites

You’ve just visited a fabulous website and read some outstanding content on your smartphone. So, let’s contact them. Now, where is that contact button? Found it, but can’t click it without touching the nearby buttons? You leave the site without contacting them. Sounds familiar, right? Are your customers facing the same issue on your website?

Best Practices for Mobile-first websites | Codesquad

5 Overlooked Mobile-first Design Best Practices

We no longer need statistics to prove that mobile internet usage is growing. So, if your website is not optimised for mobile-first, you are potentially losing out millions of visitors. Codesquad’s web development experts list 5 mobile-first website design best practices that get commonly overlooked. These practices will help you enhance user experience and ranking in SERPs.

How to make my healthcare website mobile-first - Codesquad

How to Make Your Healthcare Website Mobile-first

Healthcare websites have traditionally been designed for the desktop. While the desktop isn’t dead yet, it is increasingly losing to the mobile for internet traffic. Google understands this and has gradually shifted to mobile-first indexing. By March 2021, Google will completely shift to mobile-first indexing for all websites. So, what is mobile-first? Why should you adopt it? How to make your healthcare website mobile-first? Our web development team in Perth answers these questions in this post.

What are Mobile-first Strategies - Codesquad - Seven Easy Strategies

Seven Easy Strategies to Create Mobile-first Websites

Is your website designed for mobile-first? Switching over to mobile-first needs technical skill and some time. So, if your site is not already mobile-first optimised, now is the time to get rolling. Our web development experts from Perth help you understand what mobile-first strategies are.

Mobile-first Vs Responsive Web Design - Codesquad

Mobile-first vs Responsive Web Design – What is the Difference?

Mobile-first has been the buzzword in web development for some time now. This is often confused with another concept – Responsive design. No, they are not the same. They are two distinct concepts. What is the difference? What should you adopt for your website? The Codesquad web development team throws some light on the mobile-first vs responsive web design debate.

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