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It is hard to comprehend just how difficult it is for your business to be found amongst the sea of competitors on the internet. Businesses have two key weapons in getting their name, products and services in front of prospective customers. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Paid Advertising (PPC).

Pay Per Click advertising can be a “quick fix” but is really expensive – every click you buy has currency for just the click. The long game is to invest in SEO because it produces lasting results.

We approach Search Engine Optimisation in two ways – Technical and On Page.

Technical SEO is important because this is what helps search engines find and interpret your website. If you have a beautiful website but it is not technically compliant, you will be totally invisible. You could think of this as having an architect designed business premises and then forgetting to put a sign out the front of your business.

The technical SEO phase is the foundation of search engine visibility.

On Page SEO relates to your content strategy – presenting content that is interesting to the search engines and in turn boosts your ranking. Both are equally important.

The Codesquad team take a holistic approach to your marketing strategy and our number one goal is to see our clients on page one of Google.

Different types of SEO

There are several types of SEO that are considered when evaluating your search engine ranking.

Technical SEO refers to the non-content related elements of your website. These include: speed (influenced by your choice of hosting company), mobile-friendliness (how your site displays on a mobile device), indexing & crawlability, site architecture, structured data and security.

On Page SEO refers to the actual content your site presents to the visitor. This comes down to suitable subject matter, how well it is written, how long it is, how old it is and delves into areas like keyword analysis.

Off Page SEO refers to the level of authority your site carries – how many other sites link back to your website. To be honest, the average business has a very low chance of excelling at Off Page SEO and this is why Codesquad puts a lot of time and energy into Technical and On Page SEO.

Technical SEO should be performed when your new website is commissioned but sometimes it is done in arrears. Often it is performed after another company has paid no attention to it when they design your site. On Page SEO is a longer term commitment in continuing to create content and improve your standing.

The Codesquad team can provide you a free SEO health check to inform you how well your site is performing.

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Codesquad SEO will get your business onto page one of Google and keep you there.

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