How Long Does Google Ads Take To Show Results?

How Long Does Google Ads Take To Show Results?

How Long Does Google Ads Take To Show Results?

How Long Does Google Ads Take To Show Results?

Why is my Google Ads spend not bringing in good results? I’m spending money on it, right? If you are a business owner opting for a Google Ads campaign, this thought must have crossed your mind sometimes. The truth is how long Google Ads take to show results depends on multiple factors – ad spend being just one of them. You may see immediate results, or it may take some time. The time and extent of the outcome depend on numerous determinants. Our experts at Perth explain how long Google Ads take to show results and what factors affect it.

How long will it take for Google Ads to show results?

The honest answer would be, it depends. More often than not, Google Ads take time to produce good results. The first month of the campaign will always be the most inefficient. During that time, you will need to collect the required data on your business, refine and modify the campaign according to the data, and then do regular testing.

Your campaign may get immediate results in 2-4 weeks. Maybe it will take a couple of months. Very rarely, you will not get the desired results at all – which goes to show that Google Ads is not the right solution for your business. So, what causes the diversity in results?

Factors affecting Google Ads results

1. Your product

Kevin Systrom once said, “Great products sell themselves.” While four factors contribute to a successful business- product, price, placement, and advertising- product is the fuel running your business. How good or useful your product/service is, how and where you sell it constitutes the majority of a winning marketing pitch. Advertising gives you an extra boost.

2. Budget

Google Ads is a PPC service which means you can only succeed when you invest money wisely. Without a reasonable starting budget, you cannot run an effective Google Ads. The clicks work on a bidding system, and to be visible on the platform, you need to pay as much as your competitors do, or maybe even more. The higher your daily budget is, the higher your chances of lead generation will be.

3. Your Competition

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Know your competition. When you’re trying to find your footing in a competitive field, you need to have a thorough understanding of your competitors.  A competitive audit is indispensable to run a profitable Google Ads campaign. Since you’re trying to attract leads using keywords, you should know the main keywords and how well your competitors use them.

When big companies are bidding on keywords, they’re typically able to bid a lot higher. If you’re just starting out in a highly saturated market, most likely your competitors are big companies with an expensive and efficient ad campaign. In that case, it will definitely take time for your business to grow. Though the progression might be slow, with patience and a strategy tailored to fit your strengths, Google Ads will give you desirable results in 6 months-3 years.

4. The USP

Building a powerful USP is crucial for any ad campaign’s success. A unique selling proposition or USP is an argument or a statement presented by a seller that tells the buyer why their product or service is better than their competition. Crafting an attractive USP that captures the essence of your brand and aligns with the customer’s needs will help in the consistent growth of your campaign.

5. Landing Page

You’ve already lost the marketing competition if you don’t have a high-converting landing page. The landing page has to speak to the visitors and tempt them into being a customer. A professional-looking landing page with concise and original content is crucial to your online success.

Your copy should be brief, straightforward, and compelling enough to build a feeling of trust in your leads.

6. Account Management

Efficient account management can boost your Google Ads results remarkably. Using relevant keywords, good messaging techniques, solid bidding strategies, and an effective landing page will elevate your Google Ads to hit your aim. If you do not manage the account properly, you could waste your budget and ultimately end up with a failing campaign. 

Why haven’t Google Ads given expected results?

Google Ads can, at times, turn out to be the wrong solution for your marketing troubles. If your business depends on social relationships or personal references to be successful, Google Ads may not be the best option for you. Aggressive competition with big companies can be another reason why your ad campaign failed to give desired results. Business is all about earning the trust of your customer. So, you have to know your target audience. If your target audience prefers other media, such as radio or newspaper, your business won’t thrive no matter how much money and time you put into an ad campaign.

Jargon Busters

PPC – Pay-per-click is an internet marketing model in which advertisers pay for each click that is made on their ads.
Competitive audit – Is a tool that helps to track your competitors’ strategies to find what is working for them.
Landing page – A webpage where a user lands typically after clicking an ad.

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