Get More Patients from your online presence

Your website is one of the best ways to market your medical practice. With the internet increasing its reach every single day, it will only become imperative to have a website for you to sustain and grow your practice. Still not sure? Check out our blog on why it is important for medical professionals to have a website. It is not enough to just have a website; your website design and content should provide user satisfaction and attract potential patients. Here are a few points that you should take care to get more patients from your online presence.

Tips to get more patients from your website

Use Good Templates and Designs

Many doctors prefer to create their own sites using simple and cheap templates available on the internet and end up looking unprofessional and similar to so many other sites out there. Changing your website template frequently, affects your search ranking as well as your credibility among visitors to your website. To get a professional and credible website, it is advisable to let professionals design your site for you.

Update Your Content Regularly

Your site should have the latest updates about medical issues in your area of specialty. This helps in trust-building and assures patients that they will get the best treatment available. Your site is more likely to be shared, increasing your marketing reach and improving your SERPs. Also, while it is important to keep your content authentic, avoid difficult terms as much as possible. Keep your posts simple and easy to understand. Use engaging language and relevant content especially in the first few lines, to keep your readers attention.

Get More Patients from Your Online Presence - with Codesquad

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website should be optimized for search engine results. If your site does not have a good ranking on the search engine results, potential patients are not going to find or visit your site. SEO is quite a technical and full-time job. It would be a good idea to hire professionals, and as a leading SEO team in Perth, we are happy to help you. Check out our tips on optimizing your medical website.

Easy to Use Features Across Devices

It is not just about providing contact information, your website can do a lot of functions for you, like booking appointments, registration forms, prescription requests etc. Ensure your website is easy to navigate and have user-friendly features, across all devices.

More and more people now use mobile devices to access the internet. And more so during an emergency. You site should be easily accessible and navigable on a mobile device, or you may end up losing potential and existing patients.

Get More Patients from Your Online Presence - with Codesquad

Social Media Presence

Having a good social media presence with an updated profile adds to your reputation and trust-building. A credible website and a strong social media presence will ensure that you reach maximum people. Ensure that you follow the Medical Board of Australia’s guidelines on the use of testimonials, endorsements, discount prices, etc.

Contact Information and Calls to Action should be Easily Visible

Having a good website with great content is not useful if your contact information and calls to action are not available upfront on mobile and desktops. If people cannot contact you easily, they will skip onto the next site. Using the services of professional web designers will ensure that such aspects are taken care of.

Get More Patients from Your Online Presence - with Codesquad

Necessary Basic Information

Ensure that your website has the necessary basic information including physician names, specialities, locations, how to reach, timings and other information that a patient would be looking for when trying to book an appointment. Also, you should ensure that the information is the same across all pages and social media accounts.

These are the tips to get more patients from online and a website that takes care of these points will give you a great marketing advantage and a good conversion rate of potential patients to real patients. Let Codesquad’s experienced web designers in Perth help you to get a professional medical website customized for you. Contact us today.

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