Fix My Underperforming Website

Spent a small fortune on your website?
Getting low traffic and no leads?

If this sounds like your website experience then you have landed on the right page.
Let us show you what is going wrong and fix your underperforming website.

A beautiful website does not gurantee sales success

We have undertaken remedial work on hundreds of underperforming websites and the first thing that we hear many business owners say is “I spent a fortune on this website and haven’t seen one solid business lead come from it.”

Take it from us, the amount of money you spent has nothing to do with how well your site performs or how high your return on investment will be.

There is a low barrier to entry and call yourself a web developer or web designer. There are a lot of agencies and web design consultants who can deliver a pretty site but with designer websites, it is really just style over substance. It is a common misconception that simply presenting a pretty page will attract people to your business. There was perhaps a time that this may have been true but not  any more.

Spending thousands on a website does not guarantee you a single site visitor.

The most important part of a website is what you can’t see. Most business owners will have heard the term SEO or search engine optimisation but not many people understand what it means.

SEO is the art of presenting a piece of information or a website and making it attractive to a search engine like Google or Bing.

A search engine doesn’t care too much about how your site looks with the exception of usability issues like how easy it is to read the text and how it presents on a mobile device.

Your website is your best chance of generating new business – if it isn’t optimised for search engines then you can’t expect any business opportunities.

We have turned around so many underperforming websites and we know we can help your business.

Your business isn’t unique

Very few people have a unique business idea. The chances are there are many other businesses in your space. Knowing who your competitors are and understanding what they are doing right will help you to compete with them.

It doesn’t happen overnight

Anyone who promises to turn the business tap on in a month isn’t being sincere. Unless you are lucky or smart enough to have a unique product that people want then you need to be patient to get results.

You need to be consistent  

Every business needs a marketing budget. Nobody likes spending on something intangible but success is not intangible! The phones are either ringing or not ringing.

Don’t let up when you are busy  

Just because the phones are ringing and business is rolling in, doesn’t mean you have cracked the code to eternal business success. Sometimes you get a seasonal bubble like a Christmas surge but that never continues forever. Keep investing in your website – it is open 24 hours a day – even when your business is not.

Your website review – what to expect

The Codesquad Cloud consulting team will use various tools to profile your website and get an understanding of where it may need some attention. We will also get a deeper understanding of your business, while at the same time, review your competitors.

We will then put together a series of actionable recommendations to help fix your underperforming website and chart a path for your future business success.

The Codesquad Cloud consulting team can analyse your website and business and put together a plan to improve your chance of success.

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