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Mobile-first vs Responsive Web Design – What is the Difference?

Mobile-first has been the buzzword in web development for some time now. This is often confused with another concept – Responsive design. No, they are not the same. They are two distinct concepts. What is the difference? What should you adopt for your website? The Codesquad web development team throws some light on the mobile-first vs responsive web design debate.

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How to Optimise Your E-commerce Site for Mobile-first

More than half of online shoppers use mobiles to make purchases. This percentage is steadily rising. If that is not enough to get you on the mobile-first bandwagon, there is Google’s mobile-first indexing coming in March 2021. Our web development experts from Perth tell you how to optimise your e-commerce for mobile-first.

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Best Practices – Preparing for Mobile-first Indexing

With Google announcing the mobile-first indexing for all sites from March 2021, website owners have this question on their mind – How to prepare for mobile-first indexing? Chances are that Google is already indexing your site with a smartphone searchbot. It is interesting to note that a website can still be considered for mobile-first indexing, even if it is not mobile-friendly. Our web experts team from Perth help you answer this question and more.

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Mobile-first Websites – What, Why and How

With Google extending its mobile-first indexing to the end of March 2021, you’ve got enough time to turn your website into a mobile-first design. That is if you are not already there. Google has stressed the importance of mobile-first designs for some time now. So, what does that mean for your website? Our web expert team from Perth decodes all the information around Google’s mobile-first indexing and mobile-first designs.

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21 Tips for a Successful E-Commerce Website

An eCommerce site helps you to connect with more customers, build your brand and ultimately drive more sales. As the eCommerce space gets increasingly competitive, your online store must be optimised for maximum conversion. Whether you already have an eCommerce site or are building a new one, you want your site to make customers take action.

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WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – How to Improve Mobile Site Speed?

Most users never go beyond the first page of the search results, with the top three results getting the maximum clicks at around 60%. Optimisation mistakes hurt rankings and conversion rates. Therefore, it is crucial that your site is SEO compliant. SEO compliance is all about showing search engines a website that is built to the same standards that they have identified as “best practice”.

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How to Optimise a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is an amazing tool, especially for local SEO. Google My Business Profile highlights the best features of your business and enables potential consumers to quickly find, know about and engage with you. You’ve created a GMB profile and are still wondering why it’s not showing up in the Google local pack? As with your website, you need to optimise your GMB profile to unlock its real powers. Our SEO and branding team in Perth tells you why you need to optimise your business profile and how to do it.

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WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – What is a Canonical URL

Did you know that having multiple URLs for the same web page can affect your SEO ranking negatively? This happens because search engine crawlers read each URL as unique and they can’t recognise which is the genuine link. You can solve this complication by making your preferred URL a canonical URL. Let’s understand more about it in this article by our SEO and branding agency in Perth.

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