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LinkedIn vs Facebook for business - Codesquad - Perth

LinkedIn vs Facebook- Which Suits Your Business Best?

The success of any online marketing campaign is dependent on the platforms it focuses on. With a wide range of social media channels available for you to make use of, the process of narrowing down a couple of focal points can be challenging. In this article, our team from Perth does a LinkedIn vs Facebook comparison to help you understand how marketing on these platforms differs from each other.

why does your site have a high bounce rate- Codesquad - Perth

Why Does Your Site Have a High Bounce Rate?

Are you in panic mode after seeing a high bounce rate in your website analytics? Don’t be! A high bounce rate isn’t necessarily bad for your website.
Yes, you heard that right. ​If we have managed to confuse you enough, sit back and keep reading this article for more enlightenment on page bounce rates

How to use LinkedIn for marketing - Codesquad - Perth

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Think social media, and chances are that LinkedIn rarely is the first thing that comes to mind. Which is a pity because, with over 600 million global users and counting, it is a powerful tool for marketing and lead generation.
In this article, our social media team from Perth explain the significance of LinkedIn and how to use it for marketing.

Do website themes affect SEO - Codesquad - Perth

Do Website Themes Affect SEO?

Do website themes affect SEO?”- this question has been circulating on the internet after a video that Google recently published. In the short clip, Google’s John Mueller says that website themes do have an impact on SEO, and they’re not just “a splash of colour on top of a finished structure.” This is why Codesquad is particular about the theme we choose for client websites. Let’s see what our SEO team has to say about the significance of website themes and how they affect SEO. Read on!

Common content marketing mistakes - Codesquad - Perth

Most common content marketing mistakes to avoid

Think of any marketing campaign that caught your eye – it would have done so because of amazing content. And this is where most businesses falter. So, what are the common content marketing mistakes to avoid? What should you do to avoid them? Codesquad digital marketing team answer these for you.

Most common local SEO mistakes - Codesquad - Perth

What are the Most Common Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid?

Local SEO is a powerful tool to drive traffic to local businesses. Local SEO can get tricky at times, and you may end up with ineffective strategies. So, what are the most common Local SEO mistakes, and how can you avoid them? Let’s find out.

Why did Google remove my site from its index? - Codesquad - Perth

Why Did Google Remove My Site From its Index?

The money and time business owners spend for creating and maintaining websites is not negligible. Then one day, you get the notification that your site has been removed from the Google index – So why did Google remove your site from its index? Our experts from Perth explain the many reasons that would lead to a site being removed from Google’s index. But first…

How to start SEO for new websites - Codesquad - Perth

How to Start SEO For New Websites

You just launched a great-looking site with all the technical SEO in place. But Google is yet to come knocking.
This is a familiar situation for most businesses with a new website. So, how to start SEO for ranking new websites? What are the tactics that you will need to focus on? Our battle-hardened SEO team in Perth answer these questions for you.

How to integrate search engine and email marketing? - Codesquad - Perth

How to Integrate Search Engine and Email Marketing?

Integrating two different marketing techniques can be challenging for even the most experienced marketer.
If you manage to align them well, you’ll produce some great results for your marketing efforts. So, how to integrate search engines and email marketing? Our experts from Perth explain.

What are micro-conversions? - Codesquad - Perth

What are Micro-Conversions, and How to Use Them to Increase Sales?

The term “micro-conversions” is used frequently in the business world in association with marketing and sales. In today’s digital world, they are a vital tool to measure and enhance customer journeys. But, what are micro-conversions? How can you use them to increase sales? Let’s find out.

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