Branding Services


Successful internet branding requires a number of highly specialised skills.
Codesquad create beautiful web sites, complemented by SEO, PPC and Social Media

An integrated approach to branding

Many of our first consults with clients reveal a great deal of frustration. “We have tried AdWords and it didn’t work.” “We got a new website and didn’t get one new customer.” People either tried a few things themselves or fell under the spell of one snake oil seller after the next.

To be perfectly straight about this – there is no “quick fix” for brand building. You can throw as much cash as you like at branding and it won’t suddenly create a household name. Branding takes patience and planning. It does cost money, but it is where you spend the money that counts.

The Codesquad approach to branding is exhaustive – we get to know your business. We take a deep dive and learn about your products and services. Clients often remark that we know as much about their business as they do. We then take this knowledge to craft an affordable branding strategy combining a range of skills: web, SEO, advertising, social media and more.

Your focus on your business – we do the rest

Branding is a partnership – you know your business, we know what it takes to get you more business.

Ultimately, you want to run your business, we get that. The Codesquad marketing team strike a balance between doing the heavy lifting and keeping you informed, but we don’t get in the way.

We have worked with literally thousands of businesses over nearly 20 years in our own business. We have learned a lot from them and have accrued a world of experience that is now available to benefit your business.

Remember, great brands do not grow on trees and they certainly don’t grow over night. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Work with the Codesquad marketing team to build a truly great brand together. If you succeed, we succeed – we never lose sight of that.

Codesquad branding services bring YOUR business brand to life.

Codesquad is a member of The Computing Australia Group of Companies