Best Email Marketing Strategies for Effective Campaigns

Did you know that email marketing is one of the most effective and successful means of marketing? Even though it is considered as a traditional means of marketing, email marketing helps you share the latest news, sell products, conduct surveys and much more. It allows you to connect with your users to promote your business and enhance conversions. With the right email marketing strategies, you can boost your ROI considerably. Our marketing experts from Perth bring you some of the best email marketing strategies for an effective campaign that will improve your sales and enhance your business growth.

Know your audience

When it comes to marketing, the first and foremost step is to understand your audience requirements and trends. This will allow you to create target-oriented emails, thereby enhancing your communication efficiency, boosting your business engagement, improving ROI and authority.

Personalise your emails

Best Email Marketing Strategies for Effective Campaigns - Codesquad

Make use of customer data to create personalised messages. Start by addressing your audience by their name instead of a general approach, e.g. “Hi Alice, here’s the latest updates”. This would make the audience feel more connected and enhance the chances of conversions.


Segment your subscribers based on their needs and interests. It will increase the click rates and engagement. Segmentation can help you make content even more specific and personalised and thereby keep your audience happy.

Here are the common types of segmentation:

Sales cycle: Segment the users based on their purchase activity. Some customers leave the products they want to buy in the cart, and others just leave the site after searching for some products. Based on the habit, group the customers and send them promotional emails that will push them to take action.

Geographical: Segment the users based on region. This allows you to target your customers based on their respective location’s trends and activities.

Industry: Segment the audience based on the industry. This will allow you to provide your subscribers with products and services that they require, which will improve sales and customer engagement.

Concise and valuable content

Your content needs to be concise and enticing. It should also be optimised and personalised according to your audience. You can deliver your content in different ways.

Informative content: Content which is of value for your audience.

Connect emotionally: The content will use methods like storytelling to connect emotionally with your audience.

Data-driven content: Keep your audience engaged with surveys and polls. You can not only learn about your audience interest and trends but also increase their engagement.

CTA: Add a short and compelling Call-To-Action to your emails. Your audience can reach out to your website and products easily by means of CTA.

Plan time, frequency and goals

Establish a time to send your email based on the different factors like your business, region, activity, audience etc. Also, plan the campaigns based on your business and subscriber behaviour. Keep track of the click rates and conversion rates to alter the frequency of the campaigns as needed. This will improve the click rates and conversions for your business.

Mobile optimised emails

More and more people are shifting to mobile devices; this makes mobile-friendly emails a necessity. Optimise emails to ensure that your email can be readable in all screen types.

  • Adjust font size to improve readability on small screens.
  • Use one column template for the content.
  • Make the CTA’s easy to tap.

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Automate email campaigns

Best Email Marketing Strategies for Effective Campaigns - Codesquad

Emails which are automatically send based on customer behaviour are called Trigger emails. “Welcome” and “thank you” emails are some of the most common examples. Trigger emails can increase the engagement from customers.

Activation: Automated activation campaign can be used to make your new customers activate their accounts. You can incorporate the email with your customer’s login details, tutorial and video support to guide them on getting started.

Win-back: As the name indicates, you send automated emails to win back your subscribers who are approaching the end of their yearly subscription. Include the list of future special offers and product releases to entice your subscribers and to make them continue the subscription.

Surprise: Send automated emails to your loyal customers with surprise gifts and coupons to redeem. This way, you can enhance the connection and trust between you and your customers.

Constant engagement

Keep your audience updated about the latest updates and offers to keep them connected with your business. Constant engagement will refresh your audience about your products, promoting them to do business with you.


Re-engage with your inactive subscribers. Identify the inactive group and conduct a re-engagement campaign to get their interest back in your business.

These are some of the best email marketing strategies for an effective email campaign. You can find a lot of online email marketing tools, but the planning and strategizing needs to be done by you for them to be effective. Contact us or email at to find how to create a perfect marketing plan for your online business.

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Jargon Buster

Optimise – A process that modifies how a campaign is delivering, boosting its performance. It includes enhancing any metric like Page Load Speed, CTR etc.
Return on investment ROI – A ratio that compares the net income and investment.
Call To Action CTA – refers to the use of words or phrases incorporated into web pages or sales scripts that will compel a visitor to take action immediately.