What are the eCommerce trends for 2021 - Codesquad Insights

Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2021

Ecommerce has been growing rapidly over the past few years and the COVID pandemic has given it an additional thrust upwards. As the space gets more competitive, e-commerce providers are working on making the experience more user-friendly and safer. Here is a short piece on the emerging eCommerce trends of 2021.

How to optimise AMP pages - Codesquad - Belmont, WA

What is AMP and How to Optimise it?

You are browsing using your phone for a product and found a site you were interested in. You opened it and realised it takes ages to load. So, you got frustrated and went back to search for a better one. We all have experienced it, right! And this is precisely where AMP comes to the rescue.

Why are breadcrumbs important for SEO- Codesquad

What are Breadcrumbs and Why are They Important for SEO

Breadcrumbs help find the way – for Hansel and Gretel through the forest; and for internet users, through the website they are visiting. They also help Google crawl a page better. Why are breadcrumbs important for SEO? Anything good for UX and Google is important for SEO. Let’s see what our SEO experts in Perth say about breadcrumbs and why they matter.

How to Republish Old Blogs - Improve SERPs - Codesquad

How to Republish Old Blog Posts?

Content production takes a lot of time and effort. Blog posts, for one, need to be posted regularly to tell search engines and customers that you are active. But, not every blog post you publish will rank in search engines and reach all potential recipients. Republishing content can improve organic traffic and ranking in SERPs.

What are the common mistakes you must avoid while designing websites?

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Designing a Website

Building a website can be considered as an intersection of art and science. Aesthetics is important to attract visitors, while good user experience is vital to ensure they stay there. More importantly, your website should prompt visitors to take the action that you want them to take. There is a lot of work that goes into designing a website; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

How to Speed Up My Mobile Website - Codesquad

How to Speed Up Your Mobile Website

Website loading speed is no longer a desirable factor. It is a necessary factor. Loading performance is all the more crucial on a mobile device. Mobile users have lesser patience than desktop users when it comes to site loading. Our web development experts from Perth list out tips on how to speed up your mobile website.

How to choose a payment gateway - Codesquad - 10 Factors

How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway

With the increase in the number of ecommerce websites, the number of payment gateways has also increased. You now have a variety of options to choose from. Online payment gateway providers provide a complete solution, so you do not need to maintain the software, hardware or security.

How to Implement Mobile-first Design | Codesquad

Key Steps to Implementing Mobile-first Website Design

Google is just a few months away from implementing mobile-first indexing for all websites. So, if your site has not made the switchover yet, it is time to tighten up your seat belts. Our web development experts help you with some steps on how to implement mobile-first design for your website.

How to Make Effective CTAs for Mobile-first - Codesquad

Tips for Effective CTAs on Mobile-first Sites

You’ve just visited a fabulous website and read some outstanding content on your smartphone. So, let’s contact them. Now, where is that contact button? Found it, but can’t click it without touching the nearby buttons? You leave the site without contacting them. Sounds familiar, right? Are your customers facing the same issue on your website?

Best Practices for Mobile-first websites | Codesquad

5 Overlooked Mobile-first Design Best Practices

We no longer need statistics to prove that mobile internet usage is growing. So, if your website is not optimised for mobile-first, you are potentially losing out millions of visitors. Codesquad’s web development experts list 5 mobile-first website design best practices that get commonly overlooked. These practices will help you enhance user experience and ranking in SERPs.