What is new in WordPress 5.7? - Features - Codesquad

What’s New in WordPress 5.7?

WordPress 5.7 released on March 10th 2021 and is the first major release of the year. WordPress brings out amazing new features with every release, and 5.7 “Esperanza” is no exception. So, what’s new in WordPress 5.7? Let’s find out.

What are the web development trends for 2021? - Codesquad

Web Developement Trends to Lookout for in 2021

The web is an incredibly dynamic space. New technologies pop-up frequently. It can be a challenge to keep ahead of all the developments in such a fast-paced area. Our web development experts list out the most important and popular web development trends for 2021.

What is new in WordPress 5.5 – What’s New - Features - Codesquad

WordPress 5.5 – What’s New

WordPress 5.5 is a major and second release this year. Like always, this release is also loaded with new features and upgrades. The new WP 5.5 comes with an enhanced Block editor, inline image editing, auto-updated plugins and much more. Let’s unwrap the new pack of WordPress in this article.

What is Ruby on Rails - Web application framework - Codesquad

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails, or Rails as it is now called, is a web application framework written in the programming language Ruby. It is a very productive framework – much faster than a typical Java framework. Rails is an open-source framework and has everything you need to build a database-driven web application.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails- Web Application Framework - Codesquad

Advantages of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an incredibly flexible platform for web applications. Rails has many advantages that makes it among the top ten web application development frameworks. Before we see what makes it so popular, let us quickly recap on what Ruby on Rails (or Rails) is.

WordPress 5.4 - Quick Roundup on What to Expect in 5.4

What’s New in WordPress 5.4?

WordPress 5.4 is a major release. The WP 5.4 has many new features and improvements to the block editor and promises reduction in loading time and time to type for posts. As with every major release, 5.4 adds more to the block editor to make post and pages engaging and working on blocks faster. WordPress 5.4 focuses on improving the content editor. Here’s a quick roundup on what to expect in 5.4.

Bespoke Software - Custom Vs Off the Shelf Software

Custom Vs Off the Shelf Software – The Bespoke Route

If you have been pondering Bespoke Software vs Off the Shelf for your business – read on. We live in an age of constant technological development. All companies use technology throughout their businesses. As companies look to automate and simplify business processes, people naturally look to software to streamline the process. Choosing the right kind of software can make or break a business.