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Got a hot idea for a mobile app? Unsure where to go next?
The Codesquad team can take your idea to the app store.

Android or iOS or both?

One of the first considerations when planning new Android and iOS Apps is to decide which platform to launch on. You will consider Android, iOS plus Windows & Web. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

We recommend that if you are looking at an app purely for your internal business needs that you consider a web app – it may not be as sexy as seeing your app in the app store but it is more affordable and quicker to develop. To learn more about web apps click here.

Most people with a great idea often want to launch an Android and iOS app concurrently but we don’t recommend it. Apps evolve as they are created and you will want to make changes, some subtle and some may involve adding features. It is best to get one app working properly and launched before starting on the second app because they are both entirely different platforms.

Some developers will take you down the path of creating hybrid apps that use common code bases but we don’t advocate that approach. Native apps are best coded to native platforms. Think Android and iOS Apps – think Codesquad.

Apps are an ongoing commitment

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, delivering a consumer ready app takes a lot of time and effort!

There are many pitfalls in creating apps and Codesquad can help walk you through the development lifecycle of bringing an app from conception and into the app store of your choice.

One thing that many people don’t realise is that you need to keep updating your app. As Android and Apple release updates to their core operating system, it often requires changes to your app. This is why it is a good idea to feel comfortable with your app developer before you start coding.

We have seen many people come unstuck by getting a “cheap app” developed and then being left with no support after the app launches.

We want you to go into a new app development with your eyes wide open. The Codesquad team can help put together a plan of attack that takes into account the app development and the associated branding and marketing as well.

Codesquad know Android and iOS Apps.

At Codesquad, we take your brilliant APP ideas into the APP store

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