5 Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2020

In this article we will talk about 5 Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2020. Ecommerce has grown at a cracking pace in 2020 and will continue do so over the next decade, particularly with the Coronavirus causing people to prefer shopping online. I won’t throw the usual statistics at you! Instead, here is a short piece on how the top 5 ecommerce trends to watch out for that can help your business grow to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence and Personalization

Artificial Intelligence continues to be the hottest trend in ecommerce. The most significant use of artificial intelligence has been in creating personalized experiences for customers. Customers are more likely to buy from stores that give them a personalized experience in search and the product recommendations. This is a great advantage in the highly competitive ecommerce space. AI-backed chatbots provide the customers with a feel of personal attention as well as speedy responses. Augmented reality guided purchase experiences are on the rise. At the backend, automation will help businesses improve productivity.

Mobile Shopping and Payment

With increasing mobile phone usage, mobile ecommerce has also seen an upward trend, growing at an exponential pace. Social media shopping is a key part of this. Optimized apps and mobile-friendly websites supporting fast mobile payments is now a necessity for ecommerce businesses. Businesses should opt for progressive web applications (PWA) and accelerated mobile page (AMP) to offer an optimal mobile experience for consumers.

5 Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2020 | Codesquad Insights

Voice Search

Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri are all insinuating their way into life and ecommerce is no exception. As customers become accustomed to the ease and speed of voice search, voice shopping will grow at an amazing speed. Yet, voice search remains an under-utilized area with ecommerce businesses. Understanding the true potential of voice search and enabling your online business, will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Mindful and Sustainable Ecommerce

Customers are increasingly conscious of how their purchase decisions affect the environment. The younger demographic make conscious purchase decisions favouring ecommerce businesses that focus on sustainability, recycling, zero-waste and reducing carbon footprint. Eco-friendly supply chains, recycled or biodegradable packaging, non-GMO raw materials, supporting social causes, are some ways you can contribute towards sustainable ecommerce.

Headless Ecommerce

Put simply, headless ecommerce is the use of ecommerce platforms that are independent of a pre-designed storefront. This allows the front-end customer-interacting layer to be decoupled from the backend structure. This is a great solution for online businesses as it allows them more control over customization at the front-end without touching the backend tech structure, leading to optimal usage of the content and digital experience. Adoption of headless ecommerce is on an increasing trend, especially by the smaller businesses and B2B.

These are some of the hottest ecommerce trends for 2020. You will have to work out which trend is the best suited for your business model and budget. Ultimately, giving your customers a seamless shopping experience, while giving you a good ROI is what you need to aim for. To learn more about ecommerce solutions and trends, contact us today or email us at hello@codesquad.cloud Our skilled e-commerce website designers in Perth are happy to help you.

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5 Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2020